Tell Us The Story Behind Your Wedding First Dance


Tell Us The Story Behind Your Wedding Dance

We know that your first dance is a really special song and in some cases it will have an amusing or truly romantice story behind it.

we and many of our visitors want to hear your story...

Please give it some thought, make your story as short or as long as you like, we would love to use your story on our website, in Podcasts and if we get enough we may even 
publish an E-Book of Wedding Dance Stories.

Send us an email with the following details

    • Name of the Bride and Groom:
    • The Date of The Wedding:
    • The Song & Artist:
    • Tell Your Story:
      • Tell us how you chose your song
      • How you prepared for your dance? 
      • How you felt before taking to the floor? 
      • How did the performance of the dance go?
      • What was the reaction of your guests?  
      • Is there a video on You Tube?

We'll be giving away some great random prizes - for stories that we use in our podcasts or online.

Email us your story


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